Viejo Guerrero #2: Todd Joseph

TJ/BassVG#2 originally published in July 2007 features a dude that I heard of when I first started to get into skateboarding with Pete, Charles and Zuke. They would always talk about this ripper Todd Joseph who was from Arizona and also played in a punk band, Junior Achievement. TJ was a major ruler at High Roller and traveled to California a lot to skate contests against future legends.

The first time I saw Todd was when his band opened up for a couple of bands from the coast: The Vandals and Descendents. I didn’t meet him that day because I was too busy having my mind blown. Todd and I had a screen print class together at ASU. I knew who he was but played it cool not to fan out. We became friends and pretty much saw each other around ever since. On of my best memories is when I ran into Todd at Tower Records where he worked in Tempe around late 1986. He was all excited about a new band he caught in LA the past weekend. He said, “You gotta check out this band I saw, they are going to be huge one day!” When I asked who, he said “They’re called Janes Addiction.” Later that night at a party I heard some rad sound music playing. I went over to the record player and there was the first Janes Addiction album playing. Four months later they took over the music industry for awhile.

Anyway, here is Todd’s Viejo interview, originally conducted by Don Ho. It’s short and sweet but cool none the less. Check out TJ’s new band, Asses of Evil. They kick-ass too.


Todd ruling the fabled High Roller Skatepark
Todd ruling the fabled High Roller Skatepark

When did you start skating?
In 1976, I got a Hang Ten board for my birthday.

What’s your first skate memory?
Seeing a picture of Gregg Weaver skating barefoot in an empty was in Sports Illustrated. It blew my mind. I just remember thinking…”I gotta do that”.

What’s your favorite 70s skate spot?
I gotta go with High Roller skatepark in Phoenix. Next would be Marina Del Rey.

If you could pick a crew to have your ultimate skate session, who would you want to ride with?
Neil Blender, Duane Peters, Ray Rodriguez, Dave Z., John Lucero, Nik Rosendahl, Kevin Staab, Brad Bowman, Christian Hosoi, Mike Weed, Tex
Gibson, Chris Strople, Bert Lamar, the list goes on…

What’s the gnarliest thing you have done on a skateboard?
I won a contest at Upland, after only a handful of runs there. Complete snake session and everything.

Why do you still skate?
It’s in my blood.

Where do you skate most?
AZ skateparks…I like Glendale, McDowell Mountain Ranch, Tempe, Goodyear and Peoria.

Do you prefer downhilling, street, slalom or bowlriding?
Bowlriding fo sho! But I like em all.

Tony Hawk or Tony Alva?
Both, they are both cool guys. Great skaters, and have added so much to skating (that said; Alva).

If you could choose one of your heroes to skate with, who would it be?
Duane Peters, period.


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