The Greatest Skateboard Event Flyer Ever

If you were skateboarding in the Phoenix-Metro area in the early 1990’s this flyer should speak volumes to you.I was cleaning out some stuff and came across this Mike Button designed flyer for an event he made up for the sake of having an event.

Why the hell do I say this the greatest skateboard event flyer ever? This is a difficult answer since most won’t take a moment to read it. If read, you will be taken back in time to a moment when the skateboarding world was imploding and Mike’s words capture that disgust. Aesthetically, it’s the fucking ugliest flyer ever designed and that is exactly why it’s brilliant. This flyer is Anti-Everything. It’s not HIGH Art, it’s HIGHER ART. Button is a really creative and talented individual. The dude ripped hard on a board and rips harder at life. If you wanna get deep, the dude consumed Dadaism and shit out Nadaism.

I am grateful I had the chance to spend my formative years with outward thinkers like Mike who questioned everything and everyone, along with being a fellow congregant in the Church of The Butthole Surfer.


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