Call for Volunteers: AZPX x Foundation for Blind Children Skateboard Clinic Feb 24, 2018




February 24, 2018


Volunteers show up at 11:30 with two skateboards.

Doing BBQ first, then Skate!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Skateboarding has no boundaries. AZPX believes skateboarding is the purest form of all-inclusivity. Skateboarding is Deaf, Dumb and BLIND. A lack of vision is by no means a deterrent to skateboarding, just another challenge. There is no reason why a person without vision cannot feel the joy of true freedom. This skateboard clinic with The Foundation for Blind Children will be our third time doing this and is hopefully the springboard to a consistent influx of visually challenged rippers into the skateboarding ranks. We started in their former backyard, had a day at KTR (I will never forget some of our younger team members hucking kids down the ramps with only a ‘hold on!’ as instruction – good times!) and now we are moving it back into their new state of the art facility which we are really excited about.

Basically, the curriculum of the skateboard clinic is essentially just a big skate session for one hour, with volunteers entertaining their students in a one-on-one environment with whatever they feel comfortable with. Some will sit, some will stand, some will be scared and of course there will be a few naturals that will blow you away. The clinic has about 25 kids signed up and we are looking for 20 volunteers to help with some one-on-one skateboarding awesomeness.

Registration is simple. We just your need your name and email address. We will send a personal confirmation email to the first 30 registrants.

Thank you in advance

Volunteer Roll Call:

  1. NDas
  2. Dave C
  3. Celane T
  4. Ryan S
  5. Mike B
  6. Briggs C
  7. Ted K
  8. Adam R
  9. Austin E
  10. Eric B
  11. Jesse P
  12. Luis S
  13. Shawn T
  14. Nick S
  15. Josh S
  16. Jean R
  17. Mike S
  18. Mike H
  19. Colin W
  20. Mike R
  21. Mat N
  22. Mike M
  23. Craig K
  24. Steven K
  25. Natalie D
  26. Stuart A
  27. Bobby D
  28. Jeremy S
  29. Hank E

Here is a video from our last clinic. Sam Keeley did a heck of a job:

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