Brian Brannon AZPX Viejo Guerrero Signature Model Video Part!


You think The Chief would let a signature board come out with his name on it without a proper video? Hell NO!! Just to prove to himself he is worthy, Brian got together with Sam Keeley to put out about 2 minutes of seriously fun skateboarding over the past year or so just for this occasion. And, as in usual AZPX fashion, we are blowing it by just getting around to it now. Whether navigating the rough seas of slappies and key-boards to 215 deathbox smash grinds in some of the best backyards or getting his ditch on, Mr. Brannon can also goof around with the best of them at the local spot, always keeping skateboarding FUN. So take a few precious minutes from your life and experience a day in the life on a skateboard in Brian Brannon’s world.
This limited run of the first edition is sold out..



Some shots of the board in action at Brian’s home park in Huntington Beach, CA.

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  1. I remember Brian skating at high roller skatepark in the clover bowl he was wearing innovative punk wear captain caveman style, I respected his passion for skateboarding and punk rock skate tough or go home keep it up brian, your friend Jim Harper

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