Viejo Guerrero #1: Donnie ‘Don Ho’ Crist

Thanks for visiting Viejo Guerrero (Spanish for ‘old warrior’). This blog captures the history and images of Arizona’s golden age of skateboarding and players and makers who forged Arizona into the skate scene it is today. We are starting out with the very first installment, highlighting legendary AZ skater Donnie ‘Ho’ Crist, who later took over the series which was originally hosted on the AZPX site. Look out for more soon. Enjoy…..


Ho is the shit! This dude is rippin’ harder today! This is what he sent me: Hey Rob, here are the photos you wanted. I started skating in the summer of ’75. I knew a kid with a board with clay wheels. We used to go to the mall and skate. My first day on a board I was being pulled by a bike, I wiped out and took out an old lady in the process. She was pissed. Soon after that urethane wheels came out. Open ball bearings, then came closed bearing wheels. By ’77, I was skating the infamous Dead Cat Pool. By ’78 we got our first really good park. It was called High Roller. We were skating the desert pipes, dead cat and High Roller. It was a great time for skateboarding. In ’78 I was recruited by Stacy Peralta, I started skating for Powell Peralta as an Am. Stacy had Jim Cassimus shoot me at High Roller in the snake run. That’s where I got my full page shot in Skateboarder Mag. I skated for Stacy for nearly a year. I also skated for Pepsi Cola for a short time…Ho

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