Sunday Brunch: Tempe Skatepark May 21, 2017

Roll Out/Roll In

I’ve been skateboarding just about every Sunday morning for the past 16 or 17 years. Sunday mornings are rad, the die-hards roll out. Our start times fluctuate throughout the year according to the two seasons we have in Arizona: Hot and Less Hot. Last Sunday was no exception except for the fact that Colin Animal Choy Sauce rolled out with his camera to the Tempe Skatepark. Instead of wasting the shots direct to social media I decided to write an article about it. Colin has a killer eye and it’s been a long time since we shot photos. Nothing really remarkable happened at the sesh just some good ol’ skateboarding by myself, Ryan Swick and Mike Hathcote…dudes I’ve been skating with on the regular.

Double dipping the Tempe Colesium off a drop in. Hell yes.


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