AZPX has and always will be run a Co-operative and as a resource available to those who see fit to use it in positive ways. Long time friend/skate rat/mentor Michael Cornelius wants to get his word out and is using what is available to him to do just that. He is on a mission to hand out as many of these RESIST shirts as he can. This web page is just a tool to make access to a shirt a little easer and acts as a donation to his cause. With every shirt bought here, the proceeds will go to make more shirts for Michael to hand out. Pretty simple. Shirts are $12.00ea + tax (in AZ) which includes shipping. We are using Next Level soft fitted tees in men’s crew neck and ladies v-neck on black. We are using water-based inks that will soften after one wash.

It’s a simple message that I feel I need to share. Resist. – Michael Cornelius