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rad-round-logo-200Skateboarding is not something that can simply be taught. There are no rules. The sky’s the limit. The fact that skateboarding has no real instructional structure and it also can be quite injurious, especially for those just starting out. Skateboarding can be an activity that can infect a person for a lifetime or it can just alienate others. This is where I, Rad Pinckard steps in and shows you exactly how much fun and fulfilling skateboarding can be, no matter what skill level you are. Let me simply come and hang out with you at your local skatepark for a half-hour or hour, and by the end of that time you will be stoked for sure! The word Anti-Curriculum in the name is exactly what it is. No curriculum whatsoever. That word does not belong in skateboarding. Spending real time with a real accomplished skateboarder is the only lesson you will ever need to truly enjoy skateboarding. I have experience in all terrains of skateboarding but my specialty is bowl riding, which I am ranked in the top 15 in my age class in the world according World Cup Skateboarding. I have been sponsored by AZPX Skateboards since age 11, I am 19 now and have transportation to meet you at your favorite skatepark, hang out, skate with you, give you some pointers and have FUN! -Rad Pinckard




½ hour

Call 480-390-5599



I can meet you wherever you want to meet. I accept cash and credit card.



  1. Hi I’m interested in hourly lessons for my son once a week. Can you please let me know your availablty or call me. Thank you!

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