Ducey Hates Me Red T-shirt



Gildan 5000 Red 100% Cotton T-shirt




I designed this shirt a couple of years ago during Governor Ducey’s bid for Arizona Governor. I could clearly see his platform was solely designed to benefit his rich business cronies. One of his big selling points was how he was going to essentially ruin our school system in favor of his special interests. This is really ironic coming from an ice cream man who’s main demographic was children. Doug’s politics and look reminded me of a shirt I used to see quite a bit when I was a younger man in the 1980’s that read ‘Reagan Hates Me’ with along with a graphic of Ronnie in one of his famous smirks. The original shirt was white and read ‘ARIZONA UBER ALLES’ on the back.Ducey Hates You, Ducey Hates Me.