Creepsville 666 Exclusive AZPX ‘Goat’s Eyes’ Colorway T-shirt

$19.99 $12.99

100% Cotton Pre-Shrunk Gildan 5000 T-shirt




Creepsville 666 is a Psychobilly band out of Phoenix and they are definitely PSYCHO and BILLY! Band leader Geno Dellamorte and I became fast friends when we discovered we grew up within a mile of each other and we both remember the ‘Murder on Alice’ being the big story of the day in our hood. ¬†Admittedly, I am not much into the Psychobilly scene but I sure do dig the art and aura the band builds around itself, all done highly professionally and they don’t take themselves too seriously. Also, I am taking Theramin lessons from Geno! A perfect match for AZPX. One of their latest shirts came out so cool we decided to run an exclusive limited colorway only available here.


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