AZPX13V & AZPX13C: Dephinger – ‘40% Bad Ass’ 12″ Vinyl & CD

Booze Side

  1. Hammer Time
  2. Lick Boobs
  3. The Legend of Curly’s Gold
  4. Over Served
  5. Inside
  6. Cops Came
  7. Heart Condition

Drug Side

  1. Drugs
  2. Lies
  3. Fuck Work
  4. Brown Out
  5. Old & Broken
  6. 2Ball
  7. L8R Daze


In the usual DIY fashion, without our bros from Roger’s Aire, Cowtown and The Record Room, this project would not have been possible.“40% Bad Ass” has it all: the songs, production and the art/packaging is off the charts. Darren Hoops of ThingBad fame graced his skills for the cover and highlight markers rule. It’s a real honor having the opportunity for AZPX Records to publish AZPX13V & AZPX13C (Vinyl & Compact Disc respectively). The entire package is awesome, the art and design were considered as carefully as the music. The insane colored vinyl comes with a download card, insert with extra art & props, along with the entire Eat a Dick EP and other AZPX Records bonus songs available for free *.mp3 download. This is the first time we published two formats of the same recording at the same time. We are going huge!

Lob Rocker

Shred Sledder

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