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Side 1

  1. PHOENIX HOOKER COPS – ‘Make Him a Martyr’
  2. THE SMOKE BOMBS – ‘Trashy Part of Town’
  3. FAT GRAY CAT – ‘No Change’
  4. DEPHINGER – ‘Old and Broken’
  5. POOLSIDE SACRIFICE – ‘Homicide is Cool’
  6. JFA – ‘I Want’ (Unplugged)

Side 2

  2. 169ERS – ‘Arizona Chainsaw Massacre’
  3. EARLY GRABS – ‘Playin Metal’
  4. KEVIN DALY’S CHICKEN & WAFFLES – ‘Quit Holdin’ Me’
  5. THE DITCH DIGGERS – ‘Hohokam’
  6. BRIAN BRANNON – ‘Wack Hole’

HIGH ROLLERS is AZPX Records’ first full length 12″ Vinyl release. It’s a compilation record of an eclectic mix of local (and almost local) musicians, from legendary to fresh out of high school, that pays tribute to the Placebo Records Compilations that had great influence on young local punk rockers who them themselves embraced the Do-It-Yourself attitude. The bands on this album are the core of the people I have been working with over the years endlessly promoting local music through AZPX, They represent a very wide range of musical sounds and styles, all coming together under the AZPX Records label. Some of the musicians I have been friends with to close to thirty years and some I just met recently. A good number of them also performed on the original Placebo Records Compilations. This project was first conceived way the fuck back in 2002 when AZPX was in it’s infancy. To have the opportunity to be able to pull this together to celebrate our 13 years in business is truly an honor. A huge thank you goes out to all the Players and Playa’s that came together to form this cooperative and see the project to fruition. STOKED!  -Rob Locker


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