AZPX10: The Father Figures – ‘Steps and Processes’ CD

Steps and Processes Cover 1400x1400 1. Crushing Eagles
2. We the Battery
3. Genetically Modified Song
4. Busy Bass
5. A Confession
6. m7 Loop
7. The Glomar Response
8. Thumper
9. Thumper II
10. I’m Not In Love
11. Mr. Digler
12. Truth is an Odd Number

The Father Figures third full-length recording, 2014.

From CD Baby: The Father Figures play a distinctive brand of tightly coiled, aggressive, trapezoidal post punk rave ups. If you compare Rock N’ Roll to a cannon ball and punk rock is that cannon firing directly at your head, then Father Figures take that cannon and aim it at you at an angle. As their music fires away it wildly ricochets, gaining momentum so you can’t tell where and when it’s going to hit. Way back when piano pounding wild man Jerry Lee Lewis earned his nickname “The Killer.” If you want to compare rock musicians to assassins then Father Figures aren’t the boorish thug hit men with the big loud guns, they’re cold calculating ninjas you won’t ever see coming. Razorcake magazine says they “meld urgency with intelligence, catchiness with dissonance, and sophistication with blunt force.” Now if that’s not the poison dart into the ocular cavity I don’t know what is!

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