AZPX07: The Father Figures – ‘All About Everything’ CD


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  1. Maid in China
  2. The Over/Under
  3. Switch
  4. How to Succeed
  5. Hollow
  6. Tin Soldiers
  7. All About Everything
  8. Transparent
  9. Crosstown
  10. Fleecing the Peace
  11. Start Loud

For their sophmore relase from 2013 The Father Figures came out swinging smashing second album woes with 11 post punk scorchers. One of many positive reviews:

This is Arizona sun-damaged surf-meets-Baiza post-punk less interested in loping dub bass influences than creative restructuring of the “loud and angry” template. It melds urgency with intelligence, catchiness with dissonance, and sophistication with blunt force. Could this be the missing link between early Saccharine Trust and Fugazi? Can’t rightly say, but it is some pretty fuggin’ good ruckus-makin’. – Razorcake Magazine

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