AZPX03: JFA/Dephinger ‘The Apache Split’ 4 Song 7″ Vinyl



Dephinger Side

  1. Cancer
  2. No Time

JFA Side

  1. Thesaurus Pussy
  2. My Wife (Who cover)

The stars aligned in 2009 when it came to producing our first foray into vinyl, The Apache Split AZPX03. We mixed the old with the new in Arizona SkateRock, signing up current rippers Dephinger to contribute two unreleased songs and local skaterock pioneers JFA to throw in a couple songs to make it a solid four song seven inch vinyl recording. We then enlisted San Carlos Apache artist/owner of Apache Skateboards Douglas Miles to put his twist on the art. Cowtown Skateboards was gracious enough to sponsor the project so we put their logo on the cover. You can get it here for $10.00 or get duped on eBay for $29.99.


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