AZPX02: Dephinger ‘Eat a Dick’ EP CD

  1. Eat a Dick
  2. No Suggestions
  3. Whisky
  4. Binge
Dephinger’s debut recording on AZPX Records, Eat a Dick  is a four song EP CD, with the title track becoming an instant classic upon its release, giving the double birds to the man whoever that may be at the time.
From the Dephinger Facebook Page: Dephinger is a bunch of dorks. If you enjoy fire, 40z, and fat chicks we’re your new favorite can find us at your moms house at dinner time…..
Dephinger has been terrorizing Phoenix, AZ and about 35 other states since 1999; playing to masses of idiotic scumbags @ epic sk8 spots: Skateopia,The Chicken Coup & Legendary Kanis Bowl….. They have shared the stage with other great bands like JFA, The Dwarves, TSOL, Gang Green, Dr Know, Agent Orange, The Freeze, Verbal Abuse and Death to name a few. To date, Dephinger has released three EP’s that include: “Since Your Mammy Got Loose” (2002), “Eat A Dick”(2005) [AZPX02], and a split 7 inch with JFA (2010) [AZPX03]. Dephinger has been featured in Thrasher, Skateboarding, Sauce, Low Card, and Thing Bad sk8 mags.They have appeared on Fuel Televisions “American Misfit”, “Flash” and a plethora of skate videos. Dephinger is playing local and regional shows, gearing up for a new record and ready to rule the world…..
Since this release is SOLD OUT and OUT OF PRINT, AZPX Records has it available here as a free download. ENJOY!
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