AZPX 11: The Smoke Bombs – ‘Self-Titled’ CD


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  1. Wounded Soldiers
  2. Messianic Age
  3. Smells Like Fireworks
  4. In Case We Die
  5. Trashy Part of Town
  6. Inside You
  7. Plastic Damage
  8. End of the USA
  9. Poseidons Kiss
  10. Protection Money

When the aptly named Asses of Evil imploded in 2012, Valley punk rock fans were left eager to see what would come crawling from the wreckage. Stalwart bass thumper Todd Joseph and singer/rhythm guitar maestro Chris JJ Jet quickly formed The Smoke Bombs, enlisting lead guitarist Brandon Meunier and drummer Jason Stone. It’s been a little over a year since the band’s debut, and the quartet quickly has shown that there’s more fire than smoke when it comes to the band’s tunes and performances. -Tom Reardon/Phx New Times

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