Pool Rules: NO Diving

This article is a Public Service Announcement to remind everyone that Skateboarding, though being beyond awesome is fucking dangerous. Once in awhile a seasoned veteran gets served the Royal Treatment, though richly undeserved. This happened the other day to one of my best skate buddies, Eric Mollencopf. With decades of skateboarding experience under his belt, he felt the brunt of what skateboarding has to offer all in a matter of seconds.

While going for a trick Eric has done more than a thousand times in his tenure on a skateboard, something went terribly wrong and Mollencopf found himself in a face-first free-fall from the top of the deep end of the bowl. With no time to recover or put his hands out, Eric proceeded to plow his entire face into the bottom of the deep end of Mike Hathcote’s backyard beauty. A blood explosion ensued with leaks so numerous we weren’t sure where to start figuring how bad it was. Luckily, no teeth were broken but total assessment was 12 stitches in various face locations including the huge gash inside his lower lip. A visit to the Emergency room revealed a fracture in each orbital socket, which sounds really fucked up because IT IS!!!

Lucky for Mr. Broken Face, yours truly was there to offer him fresh lemonade and dick jokes.

Not to sound too clich√© but here goes: Skateboarding owes you nothing, you owe skateboarding everything. AZPX wishes Eric the most speedy recovery there is because I skate with him every week and it won’t be the same on deck talking about Anal-logs without him – his favorite subject. Heal fast, Bro!

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