Official Sun City Girls T-shirts

The Sun City Girls are an Arizona anomaly just like AZPX Industries. I will even be bold enough to state that there probably would not be an AZPX Skateboards if not for the Sun City Girls. As a younger version of myself in the mid 1980’s who was delving into the insane world of skateboarding and punk rock I always felt as an outsider even in the community that celebrated weirdness (it seems in Arizona weirdness only went so far by the time I came around, the true weird pioneers were a few years before me). This is what attracted me to the music of the Sun City Girls.

The Placebo Records compilations are the first place I heard them. This stuff had NO boundaries whatsoever. They were the WAYYYY outsiders in our little punk community. I caught them at CRASH Worship one night and holy shit the mind was blown. There were drums and guitars, not sure if they were plugged in. The group was dressed in something totally unidentifiable and I am pretty sure I have no idea what the hell they were doing up there. The crowd seemed totally bored and uninterested and almost pissed off. I was hooked. What does this have to do with skateboarding? EVERYTHING. This approach was very influential to my 19 year-old self which made me feel comfortable in my own skin for once.

AZPX is beyond stoked to have this opportunity to collaborate with the Sun City Girls to make official shirts for them for the first time in decades. After discovering several online t-shirt ‘salesmen’ selling unauthorized, bootlegged Sun City Girls images screened on t-shirts and represented as Sun City Girls, we decided to take matters in our own hands and give our fans something we are doing ourselves. This is the first in a line of limited edition prints and colorways, with more to follow. A big thanks to Michael Pistrui for hooking me up with SCG and a huge thanks to Uncle Jim for being an excellent partner in crime, fellas.


Check out the below video of one of my favorite SCG tunes “Caravan” live…..


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