McRad Has a New Deck Out on Rattlecan Garage

Ever hear of a skateboard company owner sponsored by the competition? Me either until I was thrown into the ranks of “Sponsored by Rattlecan Garage” by Dave Duncan during the 40+ Contest at last year’s Skatercon. At this point in my life, I am way fine with calling Craig and Kim Kent (current owners at Rattlecan) my sponsors. Rattlecan Garage is a small, upstart skate brand out of Phoenix, which is the brainchild of AZPX Records recording artist Shane Secor and Charles ‘Chuck’ Treece aka McRad’s occasional band mate. It just so happens we have a skate legend in our ranks! Not only is Chuck a ripping skater, he is also a super multi-talented musician and all around ulta-positive force in the Rattlecan Family.

Since AZPX is out of decks right now it’s a great time to grab yourself a super rad 100% USA Made McRad deck in 4 shapes!



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