The Lost Nudes of Animal Choy Sauce

The Nude in ’96

I’ve got friends in low places, with no social media presence and they like it that way. Some of these cohorts are living skate legends with no agenda but to sniff out the next adventure. No ampersand, no hashtag. One such buddy is Colin ‘Animal’ Choy. From the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s The Choy Sauce was on a backyard tear that left few survivors and only hushed rumors of what went down. Colin’s ninja-type reflexes took him to places few if any ventured in the vertical plaster’s nooks and crannies. The shittier the better. Choy and I skated many, many pools together. So many I can’t remember them, but I am sure he does.

Fast forward to now: After a long hiatus away from each other, Choy and I are hooking back up to shred. Colin mentioned un-scanned slides and stories for days so here we are to deliver the first installment of ‘Animal Choy Sauce’: The Lost Nudes of Animal Choy Sauce….enjoy…and if you can ID anyone or want to contribute to Colin’s project (read below), hit us up! -Rob Locker

July 11, 1996.  I was invited by Brian Brannon to hang with JFA and friends at the Nude Bowl.  It was around the time of the second (maybe third?) rebirth of the Nude and new coping had just recently been installed. After a four and a half hour drive from Phoenix to the Nude, I finally made it and some crews were already there setting up. The generator was already there and a few heads were skating in the warm July afternoon.  After being cooped up in a car for 4 hours, I started skating immediately.  After skating awhile, it was time for some pics to record this event forever.  This is a photo essay of that night, filmed on Kodak  slides that have now have been scanned so you Nude bowlers can now see them….This is the first time myself or anyone has seen these in over 20 years.

The Nude has recently remerged from death once again, renewing my interest, and prompting me to dig these photos up.  It brings up great memories of skating there on occasion and on that night, the chaos and fun that ensued will never be forgotten.  Most of the people there were from California.  I am too, but I had moved to Phx a few years earlier so I didn’t know anyone there except for Brian Brannon, Don Pendleton of JFA and Jack Dalrymple of One Man Army.  So I am hoping that some of you can identify some of the skaters and band members (and band names) that I have photos of. Peter Hewitt is the only skater I knew then.  Also, as I go through these pics, I see a few other people with cameras in my shots.  So I am hoping that you guys will dig in the archives and forward any shots to and add to this essay. I couldn’t stay all night so I missed OMA and a few other bands too I think. And I am sure I missed out on more debauchery and craziness…

I’ve been to the Nude several times before and since, but never to a gathering quite like that one.  Where else is there a stage complete with drum riser right in front of a 9 foot left hand kidney?? In the middle of the desert, with absolutely no law???  Kegs of beer, shit flying everywhere, slam pit right next to the edge of the empty bowl… and JF fucking A ripping a set for you as you skate the Nude Bowl????

Show us your photos and share your stories from that night or any other night at the Nude…..

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