Just Another Ramp BBQ: Summer 2009

My all-time favorite photo of me skating. All three of my kids joined me for a run with the old man for the ages.

Over the past 15 years of existence, AZPX has compiled a treasure trove of photos that few have seen. It’s now time to start sharing these photos and memories now that I have a website that can handle it.

Cowtown Skateboards had an epic halfpipe squeezed into their warehouse in Phoenix that pretty much took up the entire space, crafted by AZPX’s own Brian Pino. When it was time to move. Pino and I disassembled it and loaded over to his house. It was set-up soon after. Soon enough Pino was moving and the ramp was moved and reconfigured to Danny G’s Foundry. With the looming move AZPX threw a bbq and sesh to celebrate. A fun time was had by all, the skating and laughing went on into the night. PMcG captured some good moments and it’s time to dust off some old photos and get the stoke on. All photos: Patrick ‘PMcG’ McGinnis Enjoy….


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