After working full-time (yes, the skateboard company is a side-gig) for Arizona State University 19 years in west Phoenix, I transferred to the Tempe campus. I am an ASU alumni and have spent many many many hours skateboarding the campus. My department services all the campus’ and I am in the field quite often. In my travels I started to document new and old #epicskatespotsatmyjob just for fun on Instagram. Lots of memories fill my head constantly now. There are some spots untouched by progress steeped in street skating history where some pioneering shit went down by Randy Colvin, Mike Sola and Colby Carter just to name a few of the locals, not to mention some heavy legends got some at the ASU campus (Gonz, Hosoi, Rocco, Jason Lee, Bill Danforth…..). This is an archive of my findings. Enjoy.

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Shred Sledder since 1977, never stopped skateboarding, never will.

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