Deadcat Re:Hash – More Chronicles!

This article was going to be all self-retrospective about what it means to turn 50 and still be skateboarding on a daily basis. But, who cares? What am I going to do? Write another one at 51 and so on? Hell NO! There are more important things to write about, like Deadcat.

Tommy Hawks shared this photo with me with some background:

That dirt spot in the photo is where the dead cat was laying ha ha! That board in the foreground was my first stick. Pink Cal  240 with Bennet Hijackers and Road Rider 2’s! That is John Holman in the bowl … I can’t believe nobody took a photo of that cat but I remember setting it up on the love seat nobody else would touch it!!

Some more insight from Mr. Hawks:

Gonna say the photo was taken in ’76.  My buddy Dan says we got a tip from Bragone there might be a pool in that area. We used to sneak onto Luke AFB and ride the ditch never got busted. Anybody remember Tube Town decks? I bought one at HR pro shop somebody local made em.

John Holman @ Deadcat ca. 1976 Photo: Steve Ford

After rapping with Tommy (a totally bad ass laid back dude, BTW) and getting the info, I realized I was friends with John Holman on Facebook. I was asking him permission to post this shot of him and it turns out he is a professional photographer and had a treasure trove of Deadcat images he generously shared with me to share with you all. John took the time to make sure I have some show worthy shots here. Some really amazing images. Thank you John! Enjoy this eye candy right here and take a step back in time:

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