Dead Spots & The Forgotten #3: Hisco Banks

This series will be dedicated to old skate spots around Arizona. Most of the places I will be talking about are no longer skate-able. I will be posting some forgotten/neglected spots that are still very much alive but forgotten for whatever reason. If you have a spot that you would like me to cover, send me an email:

Hisco Banks was a loading dock in Tempe that had two banks on one side and one on the other. Both outside banks had a rounded curb that was perfect for grinds and slides. There was a small stairwell on one side too that you could do wall rides and nose picks on , or whatever else you could think of. This place was so fun because of the way the banks were set up and the curbs were just perfect…We met a not so famous at the time Spike Jonze and some of his friends that were road tripping and taking skate and BMX photos for a magazine called Club Homeboy. They were stoked on AZ and one of our pics actually made it in the mag. The place was a pretty well known spot and became a quick bust almost anytime you tried to skate there. Night missions were the most successful, but even those got blown out eventually. I got so many field cards there I started running out of fake names to give and the Tempe cops started recognizing our crew. There was also an asphalt bank nearby that was called “Fitness Banks”, we would usually head over there after getting thrown out at Hisco. I have no idea what kind of business “Hisco” is but the building is still there and as you can see by the pics, they still hate skateboarding.

RIP Hisco

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