Dead Spots & The Forgotten #1: Logan’s Run

This series will be dedicated to old skate spots around Arizona. Most of the places I will be talking about are no longer skate-able. I will be posting some forgotten/neglected spots that are still very much alive but forgotten for whatever reason. If you have a spot that you would like me to cover, send me an email:

The first spot we’re looking at is Logan’s Run on the Tempe/Mesa border. This place was dry most of the time when I was a kid. They did some changes to the canal and now this place is under water 90% of the time. I grew up in the neighborhood right behind this ditch. I had many “firsts” hanging out down there with my friends but the most memorable was riding my skateboard. This place was a lot of fun to skate. As you can see, there’s two ditches that come together forming a pretty rad hip in the middle. It wasn’t too steep and the surface wasn’t bad but of course, we had softer wheels back then. There is a bridge under the freeway there too so you could take a break and get some shade. I miss this place…

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