The Big Pay-off: Reaping the Rewards

This is what I call ‘Reaping the Rewards’ of a big pay-off. It’s little things like this that make the most difference. The premise was simple. A family friend was moving out of state and had to get rid of some stuff. I was called to see if I was interested in her¬†family’s record collection of about 70 records. Nothing really to crazy in the collection, some good 70’s rock and a bunch of Disney and Sesame Street LP from her mother’s time as a school teacher. I was bequeathed the collection with the promise if I sold them I would do something nice for someone else. I sold a few records, saved the rest, with the money I bought a really cool “Prevent This Tragedy” record and decided to use it as a vehicle to make some money for GFL is an awesome organization who helped my family when we were dealing with some real bullshit. My initial goal was to raise 1000 dollars with a raffle. The timing sucked though being right after Christmas but we managed to raise half our goal in a month’s time and payed it forward.

I was not expecting anything in return but this thank you note is my big pay-off. Maybe this story will inspire you to do something nice for some one else.

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