AZPX15: The Earlygrabs – Self-titled CD

Dan, Trevor & Matt – The Earlygrabs

The Earlygrabs, Arizona’s premier SkateRock band is finally releasing their debut recording “The Earlygrabs”, which boasts 11 original tunes with some going back to the days when they were The Mongoloids. Recorded at Full Well Recording Studio in Phoenix by master mixer Mike Bolenbach, “The Earlygrabs” will be more than worthy blasting full blast at the skatepark.

  1. Playin Metal
  2. Quit Sniffing Glue
  3. Bourbon and 7
  4. Swood
  5. Burned Out
  6. Now You’re Fucked
  7. Thrasherland
  8. Too Far Gone
  9. I’m a Usta
  10. Ten Speed
  11. Army Banks

More of a live experience, The Earlygrabs have a penchant underground following that makes just about every show an event in debauchery. Their fans are on the fringe of society and the Early Grabs music perfectly compliments it. Dan Lowe’s explosive guitar playing makes you scared he is going to spontaneous combust. The rhythm section of Matt and Trevor may seem laid back, but they ARE NOT. This is a band of skate rats. Put it all together and it’s something to experience and not talk about.

Why a CD and not vinyl? Easy answer: This music was exclusively designed for skateboarding. It’s a drag dragging your turntable and crap to the skate spot. This way we are able to make this release cheap and affordable without the weighty hipster assignment and definitely no cool factor. Compact Disc is the new Punk Rock! Check out the opening tune ‘Playin’ Metal’ below:



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