AZPX01: Junior Achievement ‘Fade to Black’ Re-Issue CD on SALE $8.59

JIMMY ALVARADO (MALT SODA), RAZORCAKE: This is supposedly the first in a series of discs highlighting Arizona’s treasure trove of “lost” bands, and it is one hell of a way to start things off. This album, first released back in 1984, is a gem of ‘80s hardcore punk rock with a gaggle of dark, catchy-as-hell mid-tempo hardcore done up in ways one rarely hears anymore. According to the press materials, it was recorded on a two track which is mind-boggling considering how well it came out. There’s nary a lousy track to be found here, and if the album ain’t enough, a soundboard recording of a live set is tacked on the end for good measure.

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AZPX01: Junior Achievement ‘Fade to Black’ Re-Issue CD

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