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From backyard birthday parties for 14-year-olds to sharing the stage with national acts to headlining the Crescent Ballroom, The Father Figures, one of the most popular local bands of the LAST SEVEN YEARS (pretty unheard of for a local band) is pretty synonymous with AZPX Records. Like all things, stuff changes around here and my little TFF’s are spreading their wings and empty nesting AZPX in an attempt to globally distribute their music before they feel their ‘preverbial clock’ is up. No hard feelings here at all and I am proud of the what we have accomplished during our tenure together. To be honest, I am a little relieved that I don’t have to spit polish Bobby’s work shoes, mow Mike’s lawn or do Tom’s hair and make-up before each gig anymore. Tom’s make-up takes forever.

Of course, we are going out with a BANG! The Father Figures are playing the Phx Skatercon warm-up gig ‘LOCALS ONLY’ at Joe’s Grotto on Friday March 10 with AZPX Records recording artists Dephinger and The Earlygrabs along with Bathless Bastards. The boys are promising a raucous version of their hit ‘AZPX’ and all are welcome to sing along.

Friday, March 10 / 13825 N 32nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85032

What I put together here is a lil’ mash-up of some extraordinary TFF/AZPX times and history we have had. We are still all very close friends, still skate together….and BOWL together!!!!

The Father Figures/AZPX Records Discography

The Father Figures Videos

Flyer/Photo Gallery

The Father Figures Music

Tara and I would like to thank Bobby, Michael and Tom for all the killer times.

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