AZPX Needs Your Help to Strike Out Cancer

I want to Strike Out Cancer. I say this from experience. Cancer not only rips apart your life, it greatly affects your loved ones around you. When my beautiful wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer we were all of a sudden thrown into this burgeoning “Cancer Industry” that pretty much was designed to help CEOs and shareholders, not the cancer patient. It was a very scary confusing time, not knowing if my wife was going to survive this fight, but to have outside entities contacting you in order for what I call “helping you to help themselves”. Total. Fucking. Bullshit.

This is where comes into the picture. I wish they were not around during our fight. This organization provides healthy, nutritious food for cancer patients going through BRUTAL Chemo and Radiation therapy. If you are the family cook and you are dealing with the side affects of these horrible treatments, the last thing you want to do is prepare food for yourself let alone your family. The Joy Bus fills this void in this very crucial time in a cancer patients life. This is a non-profit organization and relies on donations to stay open.

Cowtown Presents Strike Out Cancer, a Joy Bus Benefit is an awesome fundraising Bowling event that my buddy Laura Martin is putting on for it’s second year. Teams sign up and solicit fund raising for their respective teams just to see who can raise the most. We then have a bowling tournament for the hell of it on June 24. Last year, the AZPX Records Bowling & Rolling Club raised the most cash, having a goal to raise $500, I think we turned over about $2400 and won the “Raised Most Cash” Award which I proudly display on my desk at home.

Our little team wants that award again this year. Michael C, Tom, Mike P, Myself and new recruit Adam (Bobby is on injured list) thank you in advance and we all have no guilt in driving you nuts for some cash towards this cause. We are already behind in fund raising and at this point it looks like all the teams are stepping up to nail us to the cross. This is where YOU step in and throw us a bone. I am stoked if you can give 5 bux but more stoked if you can go 50.

Anyone who donates $50+ will receive an AZPX Records Bowling & Rolling Club T-shirt!

Do yourself a favor and DONATE HERE. Someone close to you might need this service one day, and #FUCKCANCER!

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