All purchase transactions at (AZPX Industries, LLC) are processed through PayPal. You do not need to be a member nor do you need to login to make a purchase. This gateway works with any major credit card. We offer FREE SHIPPING in the USA on every order. When completing this transaction the purchaser agrees to acknowledge that free shipping does not generate an automated tracking number, nor is there a communication regarding delivery schedule. AZPX Industries, LLC is small family run business where members work other jobs besides this. Please be patient with shipping. We try to communicate when orders go out and we will provide a tracking number upon request once we have one. We hand address all our orders and personally go to the post office several times a week. Some items for sale on are in PRE-SALE mode which means we are ready to print our product but are gauging how many to print since most of the shirts we print are cross-branded limited edition prints. This is a tried-and-true process for us, it makes sure we are not left with only two dozen small shirts for sale of a limited design. AZPX Industries, LLC prints our own shirts along with other custom screenprint orders from If you have any questions, feel free to call or text, please leave a message or email.

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