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AZPX Skateboards

Thank YOU for the past 13 years of Skateboarding!

Since 2002, Rob Locker and AZPX Skateboards has been striving to make the best possible decks using wood, glue and pressure to make some of the best USA Made skateboards on the market, based in our hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. The crew over at AZPX sponsor almost every skate event, donate their time to good community service and have generally have been keeping the skate and skate rock scene going for over thirteen years.

The AZPX Archive

Checkout our huge archive gallery that randomly loads photos, decks, graphics, ads, flyers, contests, shirts, hats, records, cds, contests, shows, bands, Viejo Guerreros, community service and awesome skateboarders from the past 13 years that I will be updating on the regular as a constant archival project.





AZPX Skateboards is a proud member of Local First Arizona!