January 19, 2018

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The Ditch Diggers

The Ditch Diggers are a studio Skaterock project with Donnie Ho, Rob Locker and Dane Stewart. On this track we recruited Skaterock pioneer Brian Brannon from JFA to sit in with us on a tune entitled ‘Scooter Invasion‘. Once Brian wrote lyrics and added keyboards it turned into ‘Invasion of the Scooter Zombies‘, a twisted tale of the trials and tribulations of having your turf taken over by vermin. Jean Rusen of Kevin Daly’s Grave Danger and Michael Pistrui from Beats the Hell Out of Me rounded out the session with some amazing killer backing vocals. We hit Cactus Banks shortly after. AZPXDD01: 100% Free to download, share and ENJOY.

The High Roller Skateboard Park


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Viejo Guerrero

Phx Skatercon March 3. 2018

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